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Feature Request: Option to set unpublish date for assets

daniel buford 3 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 3 years ago 2

Would is be possible to add an option to unpublish an asset on a given date so that an item can be automatically taken down without it being deleted?


Under review

Hi there!

Can you give me a specific use case for this? What are you trying to do?

We do have an "archive" time... this will remove it from certain blocks, but it will still be available on the front end in a search, etc.

We create links and other asset types which are reused throughout the year. These assets at times will run for weeks and need to be taken down at specific times. However, they may also be needed after their initial takedown date. 

For now, this means that someone has to remember to disable the assets. Unfortunately, depending on our workload a good deal of time can pass before someone remembers that this needed to be done.

With the ability to schedule an unpublish time we would not have to worry about an asset being live on the site when it is no longer needed.