Request: Staff directory pages

Nico 3 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Mike Stickler 3 years ago 3

I wish Blox had a solution for staff pages. One thing I am confused by is when you use the Author filed for an article, it creates that great little card at the end of the article with the author's photo, title, etc. I wish I could just take that box and stack them on a staff directory page. That author box looks clean and is generated by the system, so why not have say a check box in the user panel that automatically inserts that box in alphabetical order on a staff page?

I think that would be a nice solution to staff directories, leveraging the content (headshot/title/bio) already in the system.

This is something similar we requested about 10 months ago. It would be nice to have something this easy to build our staff pages out.

I actually just created articles for each employee on the list ... but yes it seems like all the pieces are in the system to automate this if there was just a way to put them together.