Editing tables in assets

Donald 9 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Cathy 9 years ago 1
* Recommendation:
Use TinyMCE editor for assets in TCMS & CMS.

* What problem(s) does this idea solve?
The ability to insert columns or rows or delete columns or rows after a table is created.

* Why do you need this idea implemented?
We have rule sets which convert agate to tables, but sometimes some of the rows have no content. I can't expect a reporter or editor to open the HTML view and reliably know which <tr> & <td> tags to remove. Having the ability to click on a row and then select delete row is much easier and more reliable.

* How often would you use this feature?
Every night.

* How many people in your organization would use this feature?
All of the sports department (6) plus any of the reporters or editors, or clerks (another 19).
We use tables extensively in sports agate, for holding box scores and other statistical data. Most of our regular sports stories end with an agate section, and depending upon the sport, this will involve multiple tables. During the school year we have a "roundup" article practically every day, which is multiple short stories merged together with a game recap followed by agate.

For wire stories, we use the wire z-agate, which uses semicolons for column boundaries. AP also has s-wire agate, which uses html tables for all of the tabular data, but their html is a buggy mess and unusable, so we have to use the z-agate. When we send the semicolon-delimited agate to our web site it is ugly and weird.

However, with local content, where we have control over the asset entry, we use tables extensively for agate. We generally follow the format that AP seems to be trying to accomplish, but we don't fail at it like they do. Our local stories -- where we are usually the only published source for the information -- go up on the website with the tabular data in html tables, and they look great and are very readable.

The only problem is that reporters sometimes need to add or delete columns and rows, because baseball games have varying numbers of pitchers and sometimes go into extra innings. Football games sometimes have overtime. In volleyball matches, sometimes they don't play all 3 games. Sometimes they don't have all of the statistics for a particular game. As things stand now, they would have to learn how to edit raw html.