Ability to override syndication importer embargo date restrictions

Eric R 3 years ago in BLOX CMS 0

We'd like the ability to optionally override the AP embargo restrictions for the syndication importer. While there are good reasons for AP to enforce the embargo, we are missing assets in Blox because the importer won't bring them in if the embargo date is in the future. This means that when AP pushes articles ahead of their intended publish date, the importer doesn't bring them in and they are completely missed.

For instance, they push out several "Today In History" articles in advance of the current day. We no longer get those items as the importer won't bring them in because the embargo date is in the future. If the AP sends the "Today in History" for April 26 on April 20 (with an April 26 embargo date), the importer ignores it.

We should have the ability to override this embargo issue in the importer, and bring in embargoed items that have the start date/time on the asset set to the AP embargo date/time.