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Blox login method changed.

Jeff Sebestyen 3 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Tom Houston 3 years ago 6

So now you cannot enter the email address and password at the same time.  The creates an issue with the web browser auto-populating the credentials, actually hindering workflow.  And of course, creating an headache for I.T...again.  

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1Password can handle the new form, but I agree the extra step is annoying.

I'd be curious to know the technical reason for the change.

I use the Passportal browser add-on and unfortunately it doesn't recognize the new password field. 

Under review

Tom, is this the product you're talking about? https://www.n-able.com/products/passportal

Hi Christine. Yes! That's the product I use. 

I can sign in to CMS on my PC, but I am unable to sign in on my laptop. Thoughts?

Update: I'm not sure if anything changed, but Passportal appears to be recognizing BLOX's password field now.