Make pasted content plain text by default

Don Willis 2 years ago in BLOX Total CMS updated by Kevin M. Cox 2 years ago 4

I can't speak for other customers, but since 99% of our content is plain text, why not make it so that content pasted into a story asset is -- by default -- plain text?

Then, instead of having a "plain text" button, have a button to retain formatting. Reporters and editors often forget to use this button, which causes code to be hidden in copy until it's ready and on the page, where it can be dozens of characters. That would eliminate this issue.

This would be super helpful.

Well, I have to say, dragging and dropping formatted text into a story field saves me a lot of time - I create formatted html through In Design for our articles very quickly, and most of that formatting is presently retained when copying from a webpage into the BLOX article field. I say keep it the way it is - right now there is an option to place as plain text. Or have the default to place as plain text as a user-selected option.

It could work well as a user configurable option.