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Husteada 2 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Rick Simpson 2 years ago 1

Using Google Chrome, blox requires I re-authenticate the browser with every login instead of recognizing this is a device/browser I have logged in from before and am going to log in from regularly. Can you please patch this bug?

You can add an exception to cookie handling in Google Chrome that will help with this issue.

Copy and paste the following in a new Google Chrome window


That will open the Privacy and Settings -> Cookies and other site date settings page in Chrome.

Scroll the page down to where you see

Sites that can always use cookies

Click the Add button next to Sites that can always use cookies

In the site box type in


(For some reason copy and paste doesn't work - Google will say it is an invalid address.)

I place a checkmark next to Including third-party cookies on this site.

Then click the Add button.

Image 725

You may need to re-authenticate on your next browser session, but it should stop after that.

If you ever clear your cookies you will need to re-authenticate.

Hope this helps