Place multiple stories at once

Don Willis 1 year ago in BLOX Total CMS 0

I realize this is probably a little beyond a feature request and I'm sure many others have had this idea, but I think this would be a wonderful feature for Blox TCMS and a great time-saver for users.

What if we could place all stories on a page at once? 

I apologize if this is already a feature I'm not aware of, but If there were an additional setting that could tie a story package (element types with the same file reference) to an asset's "Display Priority," then another command could be added within the Blox menu, such as "Place All Stories," and Blox could then place all stories on a page at once by matching each story package with the display priority in the asset. Maybe there could be another Blox TCMS menu item for "Priority"?

I realize that print editions are a dying breed, but with all the staff cuts and hiring freezes, I think a feature that would allow someone to create a template snippet with multiple story packages and place stories simultaneously would be great. Page designers would be able to get a huge portion of that work done in a fraction of the time and go on and do another task while the stories were placing.

Anyway, it's just a thought I had. No need for replies. 

Thanks for listening.