Form Product - Is there a way to either hide price or set price to "0" or "Free"

Matthew 1 year ago in BLOX CMS updated by Glenn 11 months ago 1

Using product - Is there a way to either hide the price or set the price to "0" or "Free"?


The way we handled this was to make a list in the form requiring a selection of free or the paid version (this was for engagements; no picture is free and with picture is $45) 

Then in the product module we changed the name of the properties to Payment, and only added the paid option as a selection leaving the properties in presentation set to multiple with no min or max

we then added in the credit card module in the Bill Me later properties 'FREE - TEXT ONLY, check this box and submit" with payment settings to 0 and 0. That ie allows the user to fake bypass the cc info field if they want by checking that box. Obviously, we review the request and if it comes in as free and has the selection in the list as a paid ad and a photo comes with it then we direct contact the reader for payment.  However, if used correctly and they choose the paid version in the payment module then they will be charged appropriately. 

It's a long way around but it's the only solution we could figure out since the checkout process can't process a 0 dollar charge at the moment.