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Need a way to manage the display of new urls, section tag, site index, rss, etc. in one menu

Jacki Gray 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Mike Stickler 9 years ago 3
When new applications are installed (in our case Tributes) by project managers or the like, new urls (and section tags) need to be excluded from site indexes and RSS options until the products go live.

I have more than once found new urls created (not by my staff) in our site index and rss options. Our readers use our site index.

Feature request: We need a way to manage the display of new urls, section tags, site index, rss, etc. in one menu. In the admin when creating new urls/sections, it would be great to have the option to select a checkmark to hide or display urls/sections in the site map, rss, etc. (The current "exclusion" fields are limited.)

I like the idea Jacki. We are an umbrella newspaper and I've used the custom "exclude_sections" to the text field max on the site index block.
Under review
What if we converted the site map to a navigation panel? That way, new links would not be added automatically, but it would be very easy to add them if desired. You'd have to add new ones any time you created them... but that seems to be what you desire. =)
I've had what I think is a related issue... I want to add some urls, delete a couple, and redesign a couple of pages.... But I didn't want the changes live until they were all done.

What I did was duplicate our url map and began working on my updates. What I noticed is while the page layouts get copied the site navigation doesn't so if I have to recreate the existing navigation and then begin working on my updates. Adding extra work. Navigation needs to get copied when the url map is. 

Also if I make updates to a page on my live site there doesn't seem to be any way to get those updates to the new url map without manually redoing them. There needs to be a way to either merge url maps or better yet be able to copy individual pages or branches from one url map to another. 

So in my example I could have duplicated the "Live" map and it would have duplicated the navigation as well, giving me a base site from which to make my changes. I could then add the tribute product (with it's new urls) to the new url map and it would not affect the "Live" map, I could then modify the features section in the new map. If I had made some changes to the "Live" sports page then I could copy that page from the "Live" map to "New" map without having to redo my work. When I was ready for the new pages to be live it should simply be a matter of making the new url map live. (I noticed the service rules have to be updated to work with the new map)

Allowing for multiple url maps is almost like making a second "development" site available. With some tweaking it would be a lot more useful.