Alternative web statistics?

ShorthornAdam 6 months ago in BLOX CMS updated 6 months ago 2

Has anyone moved away from using Google for site analytics?  We are thinking about migrating to a service like Plausible.io which we pay for vs. using Google for free and giving them info about all of our readers.  Plus, managing it appears to be an order of magnitude simpler.

Has anyone made this change? Any feedback or other services we should look into?

After the transition to GA4, yes we are looking at other options. But my concern is about the accuracy of these other services and whether they will have the same credibility with out advertisers.  Even the smallest advertiser recognizes the Google brand but will probably not be aware of these others.  

Our stats have dropped noticeably after GA4 and we suspect it is due to ad blockers blocking it by default. We don't need all the features of Google Analytics — really just want to see page views, most popular pages, most read articles, basic referrals, etc.   

Plausible is a more ethical service that doesn't have cross-site cookies or share data with other providers, build profiles on users, so we think it has a better chance of not being blocked by uBlock, Firefox on strict mode, etc.  If I go to their home page (https://plausible.io) - uBlock Origin doesn't even flag anything.