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Seth Bromley 5 months ago in BLOX CMS updated 5 months ago 2

What is the best (fastest) way to add a story element to multiple sites? Or transfer an element from one site to a sister site? Right now I have to create the element for one site, export it to my hard drive as a bpm file, then import it to the other sites. It's a clunky and time consuming process for those of us who manage sites for multiple publications. Is there any way to do this more efficiently?

Satisfaction mark by Seth Bromley 5 months ago

Seth, that really depends on what specifically you are doing. If these are editorial assets, then there are two methods for syndicating content from site a to site b, either with linked site syndication, or through a regular blox-to-blox syndication channel.

If you submit a ticket to our customer support team, someone could walk you through the pros and cons of either method. Both are quite easy to set up and are included as part of the blox platform.

Joe Hansen

Director of Solutions Support

Blox Digital

Yes editorial assets. Excellent, thank you very much.