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Cropping image in Touch 5 Mobile: Mobile Main

Nick 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 9 years ago 5
Am I missing where the option is to crop the image that goes with this block? This is what we get. I realize it's responsive, but if someone has that size mobile device it's going to look bad.

Image 90

Also, the "truncate lead" and "additional paragraphs" only seem to display on the phone version of the site. The tablet version only displays the image and the headline. As it is now it looks like, in the example above, the "Pet maintenance" story belongs to the "Pet ER" story above it, but that isn't the case. They are two separate stories.
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Hey Nick,

Can you share the URL for this? It will be difficult to troubleshoot without seeing which blocks are being used, etc.
Hi Nick!

Did you re-crop the image? it looks fine for me in multiple devices...
This may be a better example because the focal point of the photo is at the bottom which is cropped out by the tablet version. At the bottom of the image you should be able to see the workers. The photo doesn't lose it's relevance but it doesn't quite make the same impact as it would if you could actually see the people in the photo. But if the focal point was at the lower half of the photo it wouldn't look very good.
(Same type block, different site)

This is the full photo...

So if there were a mobile-crop option to allow us to crop it like the image below, that would be awesome.