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Prevent asset edits if comments not entered

Kevin M. Cox 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 9 years ago 3
We have enabled the “Allow update comments” option for Editorial Assets. However only certain users ever remember to enter comments making it difficult to track changes, especially when they are minor ones.

I’d love to see an option that would make comments mandatory; BLOX would prevent an asset from being saved unless something had been entered in the comments box.

Maybe it could be only enforced if it has been X minutes since the last update so that someone could easily fix a small typo right away.

Any thoughts?

Under review
Hey Kevin,

Can you give me more details as to your workflow and/or use case?

Currently, it is possible to go to the revision history. There, you can see the revisions, and you can view the asset at the time of each save, so you'll be able to look up what changes were made by which user, and what time, and what they did. This is, as you probably already know, where the update comments will also show.
Hey Christine,

The problem we have in regards to revisions is that BLOX only allows us to see changes for the previous 10 edits. We have several users who are in the habit of saving after every little change. In these cases we can end up with 30+ edits to an article asset, and the last 10 all happened within a 5 minute span.

This means we can't see when a major change was made, because the only revision history we can view in BLOX are minor spelling corrections.

Let me know if I didn't explain that well enough.