TotalCMS sharepoint icons

Kevin M. Cox 9 years ago in BLOX Total CMS 0

Here is just a fun little feature request to give the TotalCMS appliance a little personality for Mac OS X users. This should have no effect on Windows users either way.

By default mounted server volumes show up with a generic icon.

Image 95

Besides being boring, leaving it this way makes it harder to distinguish between mounted share points quickly. As such we’ve got custom icons assigned to all servers in the company.

I whipped up some Town News icons (and grabbed the purple one from the web) to use for our install as seen here:

Image 96

Unfortunately every so often the appliance wipes them out and they revert back to generic icons.

So my “it doesn’t really matter at all, but would be kinda fun feature request” is for y’all to create some custom icons that are included on the appliance by default. That or just set it so the system will leave customer applied icons in place.

They are stored on the root of the share as an invisible INCS file just named: .VolumeIcon.icns

Let me know what y'all think!