Create a saved article list/article queue

Nick 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 4

We live in a world where people increasingly want to save media(songs, TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, etc) to view at a later date. For instance YouTube has its "Watch Later" list where users can flag videos they may want to watch in the future. I use it all the time.

I've heard a few people mention that they frequently save articles to read later. I see in the BLOX user dashboard there is a section called "Saved Items" but it seems like that's just for classified listing. I would like to see a feature where users can save articles.

Some people would also like to have a place to save articles that they want to just keep indefinitely. Sure bookmarks exist, but they don't always transfer from device to device.

And it would be great to have a very noticeable button to save the article to a list so people will see that it is a feature.


This would be excellent. The article interface in Flex should have more than just the heart icon it currently has, perhaps a dropdown where users can select one of their existing lists or create a new one.

Bonus points for integration with Email Reach so that it can automatically send out emails reminding people of their to-read list items.

I never knew about FLEX's heart icon. Does it work like a "like" system where users can read articles they've liked in the past?

The icon "saves" an article. Users have to go to their dashboards to configure their lists and manage their saved items.

Wow. That's exactly what I'm talking about. I'd like to see Zen get that feature!