Comments "Real Names"

Kevin M. Cox 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Mike Stickler 9 years ago 3
Is anyone else using the "Real Name" option for reader comments on your site? We made the switch earlier this summer.

You can read about why we made the change here: http://www.galvnews.com/realname/
We made the switch to "Real Names" almost three years ago. Comments went from at least a dozen a day to about the same number in the course of a week.

Comments went back to username inadvertently when we moved to flex. It was an easy switch back.

One of the issues that has elicited strong response was a proposed fairness ordinance. At that time we discovered we needed to disable the default profanity filter and replace it with something closer to "the seven dirty words." Even the local clergy were unable to post anything on the subject.
Thanks for the reply Mike. We have seen a drop in comments, but have also seen a decrease in uncivil behavior.
that parallels what we saw, we have had a few instances where someone would keep creating user accounts to get around being blocked. We took care of that by enabling e-mail verification as part of the user setup.