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Form word-count not accurate

Nick 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Julie Stricker 8 years ago 10
I had someone try to submit a letter to the editor with our online form. It told him underneath the body box that he had 4 words left but when he tried to submit the form it wouldn't let him because it said he had too many words.

I tried it and it said I had 5 words left but it submitted with no errors. I seem to recall we had this issue before but I can't remember if we ever resolved it. I've searched my BLOX help tickets and didn't see anything.

Has anyone else seen this error?
Yes we have had several complaints of the same issue, also on our Letter to the Editor form.

I've had trouble recreating it the error on my end.

We had another call today about this. He said in this instance he didn't copy and paste the text in, he wrote it in the text field. Is there something that causes this?

Another person called with this problem. It says they are under the word limit but when they try to submit it they get the error. I had to tell them to just email it to us. Still, it's embarrassing when we don't know what they can do to submit the form.


I've added this as a bug ticket to our system. It looks like our front-end plugin and the software do not always agree on what a "word" is, so we'll have to change some of the rules. Thanks!

Thanks for the update Christine.

This happens all the time. I've had more than a couple tickets in on it.

Are there any updates on this bug? I am using several forms for political candidates to answer questionnaires.


We have found that sometimes if there are multiple spaces at the end of sentences, the word count will be thrown off. I usually tell people to take out double spaces and that typically solves the problem. It's almost as if the engine is counting spaces to determine words rather than counting groups of characters.

We've had this problem on our forms for awhile -- it seems to happen most often when a user tries to copy and paste from Microsoft Word. I was told it's because Word counts characters differently than Town News.