Feature Request: Add Centerpiece flag to Collection assets

Kevin M. Cox 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 8 years ago 6

I’m curious why Collection assets are missing, among others, the Centerpiece flag?

Very often a Collection (Wildart Package, Enterprise package, etc.) will be the Centerpiece of our printed paper and thus we’d like it to be the Centerpiece of our website as well.

How difficult would it be to add this flag to Collections?

Under review

Sure, we can look at this. We just want the flags to make sense on each asset where they exist - rather than just copying and pasting the whole lot on everything.

Are there any other flags you guy have been missing that make sense?


This Centerpiece on Collections is the only missing flag that has really jumped out at us. Having this option will become even more useful to us once we can place Collections on an InDesign page through TotalCMS next year.

That said, my inclination would be opposite of yours in that making every flag available on every asset type could be useful.

For example, what if a publication wants to repurpose a flag such as “Watchdog” and use it for some other purpose like grouping a special project or something.

Having all tags on all asset types would help facilitate that easy repurposing which is something suggested here as the Alternative option.


Other sought flags for collections: Breaking, Developing and Alert.

Adding Alert to link assets would be fantastic, too.

We've been repurposing an unused flag to allow collection assets to be used in our centerpiece block. We just use it as one of the criteria: asset has flag "centerpiece or xxxxx" and is type x, y, or z. May or may not work for you, and would be cleaner to have centerpiece flag available.

Aidian, that would definitely work and I appreciate the suggestion.

However it would probably be confusing to our users. I have enough problems getting them to check the right boxes already so adding in a procedure of "Check Centerpiece if it is an article or Alert if it is a Collection" would be a major pain.

Hopefully Town News will be able to expand the flags to these other asset types to keep things simpler for us all.