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Create a 5-star review application for restaurants and businesses to attach to article assets

Steven Mazzacane 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 5 years ago 6

Sounds like an interesting idea. Can you flesh out how you envision this feature working?

Just like Yelp, one can click the amount of "stars" it wants to give a restaurant. It can take place 2 ways: one application can allow the author to do it, like the New York Times. another application can be to allow users to do it almost like a poll application, and the data is aggregated as more readers vote.
Hi Steven,

We have the software capability to build a "like" button (just for BLOX though; this is separate from Facebook and could be presented much differently) that could be used in a similar way. Users would be able to "vote" on their favorite businesses, and we would be able to provide a count of how many likes a business got, and a block to show businesses by count, and so forth. (Much like this site!)

There are some schools of thought that a single increment button is more "positive" because you can only vote up the business... rather than providing a one-star rating which can be very negative.

What do you think? Could something like that be an option, or do you feel stars are required?

This would be an awesome feature. 

I like the five star system. I understand it could spin negatively for a given event / business, but maybe there could be a "rating-reset" feature that costs a few bucks? Kind of like how Yelp lets restaurants remove bad reviews, it just costs them some money? Allowing users to search / sort by "ranking" would make the business directory and calendar (even editorial) feel much more intuitive from their perspective. Plus, that's pretty much how every other searchable directory works... I know this thread is five years old but even Facebook has a 5.0 rating system now. 

I've wondered if the code for the "emoji" system in editorial assets could be repurposed for this? 


wow, forgot about this feed. yes, i think its still a good idea.