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Flex collapsible block option

Craig V 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 2

Is there a Flex collapsible block option like the one on Zen?

Under review

Hi Craig!

Can you elaborate a little bit on what you mean? Are you talking about where it is hidden and it says "show more news" and it becomes un-hidden?

If so, we've moved away from that a bit. It used to be that we were more concerned about SPACE on the page, and trying to de-clutter things for the user. Now, we are more concerned about speed and download time.

And, since those articles that are hidden would download anyway, there is no speed advantage to having them hidden. It would be better to show the number of articles you like, and then have a "show more" link which took you to a search results page showing more content.

Is this the type of thing you're talking about? If not, please give me some examples on how you would like to use this and maybe I'll understand better. =) Thanks! =)

Yes. This is exactly what I am talking about. We are using a link that goes to search results show more content as a workaround for now. Would be nice to have the collapsible block if the content didn't have to load until someone clicks on it. Thanks for the quick answer.