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Duplicating ad assets

Kent Lutt 11 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 11 years ago 4
This would be a SWEET feature in BLOX Ad manager; simply being able to duplicate ad assets, such as mobile Touch 5 spots with numerous different positions for phone and tablet.

Hi Kent!

Thanks for your post! 

Can you give me more details about this? What are the use cases involved?

Are you talking about being able to duplicate ad assets to make data entry easier?

Or, ad spots that can serve different sized ads given certain circumstances? i.e. responsive ads?



More than anything, the ability to do different sized ads and/or different ad fulfillments (ex. one ad campaign/creative runs 30K impressions and another ad campaign/creative runs 20K impressions, all for the same advertiser) using duplication of an ad asset to retain the ad positions and impression deliveries, clickthrough URLs, names, etc. would be fantastic.

We can probably build something that copies an asset since we do this in editorial - however - you would not be able to change the kind of asset. For example, you could duplicate a banner ad asset, but you would not be able to change to a Flash creative. Given that limitation, would this still be a useful change?

I think that would still be useful. A hint would be useful on such a button explaining that once you duplicate ad it's set into the same ad type.