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Obit asset type?

Laura Rauch 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 9 years ago 4
I would like BloxCMS and TCMS to have an obituary asset (a customized article asset) with common fields for obituaries such as dates of birth and death, last name, first name, middle initial, etc. Maybe even times for services
Under review
Hi Laura and everyone!

We have been discussing something similar to this - maybe even for all announcement types:

- Military
- Birth
- Birthdays
- Obituaries
- 4 generation photos
- Weddings
- Anniversaries
- Engagements
- Pet Memorials
- Promotions

I don't think we need an asset for each type, maybe a 'general announcement' type will handle most of them.

What kind of announcements do you guys have?

What kind of fields would you want to see on an obit, wedding, or announcement obit?
Hi, Christine, 
We have all of those. For obits, I would suggest using this as a standard:
And if there are other xml standards in the industry for the other asset types to go with those. But for weddings and anniversaries, it would be nice to have first middle and last names for bride and groom, date of wedding, where they're each from.
I could see something like this being very helpful. Especially if it would allow us to segregate administrative access between those who can post/edit announcements and those that can post/edit editorial content like articles.
Hi Kevin,

Yes, that is interesting... I would assume that would indeed be a potential side effect of this effort.