Subscription Transactions

Jason Schaefer 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Mike Stickler 10 years ago 5
Why do subscription transactions not get listed with other subscriptions (marketplace/subscriptions program)

I had to finally tell our accounting department (and give them access) to use the analytics program to verify revenue for subscriptions. I have a funny feeling the same will be true when we fully turn Ad-Owl on as well.
Ad-Owl and BLOX subscriptions do not record transactions in BLOX transaction manager at this time. They both pre-date the BLOX transaction system and we have not spent time to migrate those payment systems into the BLOX transaction system yet.
Hi Patrick,
Is there another way to do the accounting side of these transactions besides analytics? Right now it is the only way that I know of to verify by date/transaction/amount that our accounting department demands of the personnel.  (Short of having them look at each and every subscriber individually... I am sure I would have my head on a pike if that were the case)
Are you using PayPal Payflow Pro? They should be able to view and export all transactions that are flowing through the admin interface on that.
We are using PayPal Payflow Pro. They are verifying against BLOX using the transactions we get from PayPal. What I understand is they match and confirm then process it in our accounting system.

It is almost legacy tear-sheet style of checking but it is what they do to confirm money and where it came from in multiple systems.
Jason, Your experience is exactly the same as mine... I showed accounting the transaction manager and they were like "cool" a week later it was "hey we're missing these transactions" and it was "Oh those aren't in here because they're in here..." They were verifying every transaction in payflow pro against what was in blox.

It would be nice if you could consolidate all of them in one location maybe with different transaction types so you could filter them if needed. Though this isn't as big an issue with us any more because we're bypassing a lot of townnews' subscription processing and redirecting it to the web interface of our circulation system