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Collection Pagination

Jason Schaefer 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 10 years ago 4
Is there a customization that I am not seeing that paginates the number of articles associated with a collection? We are in the process of setting up topic pages but the number of articles is making the page very long and it would look better if it paginated after about 20 articles.
I'm not sure if we should add this to a collection asset specifically in the template side, because we have to load all of the child assets of the collection, and at a certain point it will run out of memory.

I'm wondering if perhaps you might consider a search results page? You could batch add a unique keyword (#prep92913 or whatever) to all of the items in the "collection" and then search for that keyword. If you use the "k" parameter for keyword, it will return only items with that specific keyword. The "q" parameter will return items where the word was mentioned somewhere, so items without that keyword may be included. This will paginate automatically and will support unlimited assets.

Also, the search results page supports different layouts for images. You can target specific asset types with a "t" parameter in the search.

This is also a cool way to create "never-ending" photo galleries!

You can also take the search results URL and use it to create a link asset. That link asset can then be given a preview, added to blocks, associated with stories, etc.
We are currently doing that with our galleries. The issue I ran into was trying to set up a topic page for a local topic. We added plenty of photos, articles and other assets but when it was displayed the articles section went on and on and on and on and on.  We've since stopped using any collection for setting up a topic due to issues with this layout and just custom build every topic page.
I'll go ahead and file this as an idea then. =)