Ad Targeting

Jason Schaefer 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 10 years ago 3
Does anyone know how to target an ad based on vehicle make in the vehicle vertical?
Hi Jason,

It is already an existing feature to target ads to assets with specific keywords. They keywords are added to the page in a meta keywords tag. Then, when you add a keyword to an ad in Ad Manager, it will only show that ad to pages with the meta keywords tag.

We're thinking that we should add the make/model of autos to each of the vehicle asset pages, then you could use the Ad Manager keyword functionality to do what you want! =)

You could do it now if you added the make/model as keywords manually, but for an autos site this is a lot to ask, obviously. And, it is very easy for us to add make/model as keywords in templates by default.

Also, as a side note, we already add a search query parameter to search result pages by default in the editorial application (but we need to add it to Classifieds and other apps).

How does this sound?

Hi Christine,
I like the idea of adding it to the template. At a couple of thousand vehicles it would take me a while to manually add it.

It could be that I have not had enough coffee this morning but can you give me an example of the search?

Just a thought but it might be a good thing to add to the real estate as well...
A real estate company may want to target "Single family houses for sell"
A construction company may want to target "land for sell"
A rental agency may want to target "condos & townhouses for rent"