Templates and GIT

Alex Golovin 11 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by David Dierker 6 years ago 3

It would be great to use GIT version control system to be able to get updates from TownNews base skins to be able to keep our modified (or branded) skins up to date. This would be easier to maintain up to date and helpful with trouble-shooting as tools such as diff could be used to see what has been changed.

Pulling updates, merging and pushing to git repositories or remote points, that would be then used by blox as source for the templates/skins would be amazing!

We are slowly making changes to the underlying template system to prepare for adding some kind of version control in the future. GIT is currently the primary front runner in our choice of a VCS. It is unlikely at present that we will introduce lots of admin UI around source control - use of GIT would require external tools with the admin acting more as a location to view and pull updates.

What  about letting admin users push to our "duplicated/cloned" skins? Right now have to zip up my git folder, then import it and mess about with metadata and possibly switching url skin options under settings -> url. Lots of extra steps that could be sidestepped with being able to push to that skin.

IIRC, this is available now, correct?