Planning for election night returns

Andrea 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 8 years ago 2


I've been lurking a few months, but this is my first time posting. We launched Blox back in September 2015 at www.Herald-Dispatch.com.

Anyhow, I am starting to look ahead to election night and how we will use Blox to deal with returns.

Previously, we had a home-grown system built by a programmer who no longer works here. It worked OK, but is a pain to set up -- especially getting it to work with a new platform.

I saw where Blox had an Election Stats feature, but apparently it does not anymore.

Of course, I can have an HTML asset and just update it throughout the night. But the beauty of our home-grown system was that multiple people could be updating the results of multiple races.

So, I am wondering if anyone else is already thinking about this. Or, is there some other solution out there that I do not know about?


Andrea we are in the exact same situation needing to migrate from an old home-grown system running in Lasso.

I'll be curious to hear what solutions are offered here.

I Googled around a bit yesterday and came up with a solution: using Google Sheets embedded on a page on our server:


Refresh time is a mere few seconds, and multiple people can edit the document. AND it looks decent on mobile (at least, on the iPhone).

Forgive the colors, as it is a work in progress. Right now, it is displaying the same results in two columns to make sure I COULD put results in two columns.

I will have the different groups (state races, county races, city races) on different pages in the Google Sheets document.

I tried putting the code on a Blox static page, and on a section page, but I could not make it responsive. So, that is why I'm building it on our server.

These links helped me: