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How about adding a batch upload for images in the marketplace?

Adam Wratten 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Mary Shepard 6 years ago 2
When we upload images to marketplace businesses, it takes 245 million years to get done if there are more than a handful of images.

Would it be possible to incorporate a batch upload button much like we see in the Editorial section of BLOX?
Under review
I think this is a great idea! I'll add it as a feature request.

One workaround you might consider, which only takes 2 million years (a savings of over 243 million years!!!), would be to use the editorial application which has batch uploading, and then go to the Business Directory application to associate the assets.

You can also create a photo gallery asset in editorial, and then just attach that. It looks a little different when applied to the Business Directory listing, however, it shows up (purposefully) outside of the tabbed areas:


The only downside is that these are going to show up in the editorial application, when usually they are filtered out (although they are still editorial assets).

When creating related items in the Business Directory, they get a "source application" tag of editorial, so that we can filter them out of editorial searches. These would be sourced to editorial. Not sure if that would matter or not.

You can change source application inside each asset if you had to (under the other tab)... but you'd have to go into each one to change it.

We would also like this feature for Marketplace Classifieds - We offer multi-image classified ads.  When customers want to place the ads over the phone (and send images by email) we have to upload the images 1 by 1 if we want them to be classified image assets.