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image export format question

Aidian 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 7 years ago 5

When I try and export/batch export images from BLOX, I get a funky '.bpm' file. What is a .bpm file and how do I open it? Can anyone share some info?

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Hi Aidian!

Can you tell us more about what you're trying to do?

The .bpm format is meant to import/export from BLOX sites to other BLOX sites.


I was trying to batch export a couple of dozen photos. There was a problem with the sizing on them and I needed to run them through Photoshop to give them a different aspect ratio.

Sounds like Aidian is looking for a way to batch export the JPGs out of BLOX. I agree this would be a useful feature, in our case for TotalCMS.

Our old CMS exposed the area where photos were stored so we could quickly browse and find them if needed. In our case this is usually because AP calls and a photographer who didn't shoot the images (and thus doesn't have quick access to them) needs to download and move them to the wire. If we could simply select all the images in BLOX and then just download the JPGs to a folder it could come in handy in a pinch.

That said, working with the BPM file isn't totally horrible. Aidian, you can simply rename the .bpm file to .zip and extract it like you would any other compressed file. Once inside you'll see the the .json file that contains metadata and other BLOX information, plus a folder that contains the images. "hires" is probably the one you are looking for, so just slap a .jpg extension on it and open as normal.

Obviously if you have a ton of photos this could take a while, but for just a single image every once in a while it isn't too bad.


Thanks for the tip. I hope never to need it, but if I do, that's what I'll try.


Just a word of warning, the .bpm files are not really meant to be editable. As you figured out - they could be "cracked" open (using that phrase somewhat facetiously =P), but if you try to re-import them after editing it can cause issues.