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Jason Schaefer 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 10 years ago 8
Can you add a popup notice for the article asset when they have reached a admin set number of characters. Some of our staff can get fairly long winded in the titles even with us constantly reminding them to keep it short.

For example:
System administrators set the notice number at 50. (just an example number)
System administrators set a notice:  "This title is unfriendly for our mobile visitors please shorten"

When they put in a long title and go to the next field they are prompted with the notice.
Jason - is it an issue more for print than online or just a general policy for all headlines? 
It is more a situation with mobile/net. We have people that think that because web is not constrained by page they can get creative and long with the title.

It would be for situations like this:  "CRU DEFENSE NEVER RESTED: Harmon’s scheming, UMHB defenders’ tenacity held Whitewater 21 points under its average"

That was a headline that can work on our website due to real estate but when viewed on a mobile device (and personally on a tablet as well) its not very user friendly.
Hey Jason,

One idea... it sounds like, at least in your example, you could benefit from teaching staff to use the various supported headline types in combination to create the effect.

For example:

Headline: Harmon's scheming, UMHB defenders' tenacity stifles Whitewater
Subhead: Whitewater scores 21 points under its average

Kicker, Hammer and Subhead are available under the "other" tab.
We could probably add a soft limit pretty easily. I don't know if we would make the error message customizable. One danger with shorter headlines is balancing this with SEO since Google will reflect the headline against all other search results.
Hi Christine,
That is a part of the normal staff BLOX training we have all employees using the system attend. I will typically break a long title down similar to what you did when I encounter them.

I can lock people out of the system for mandatory retraining when they are caught doing it but that can be extreme especially on the one group that is understaffed and overworked.

Patrick, I understand where you are coming from as well. The title can lend quite a bit of weight for SEO but at the same time our second biggest group of readers is mobile. Having a title that takes up 1/4 of your screen isn't a benefit.

I know other systems that solved the issue by providing a second title field that would be used on mobile/tablet devices. Which may have resolved the SEO issue when it comes to mobile devices.  However I always considered that solution flawed.
Hey Jason!

I actually like the idea of a mobile headline; why do you consider that to be flawed?

A few good things about it.

1. We can preserve the print headline, the online headline and the mobile headline. If you need to search for one or another (say, in the admin), all of the information is there. We could theoretically use them all in the meta data of the story, adding valuable information to the page rather than subtracting it (relating to Patrick's statement about SEO).

2. They would not be required - we would use the print headline for the online, and the online for the mobile, if something was missing. So they could all be the same, or all be different.

3. A mobile headline could be used by many customers optionally.


I have implemented an asset custom property I call the "web hed" in some of my custom blocks. Seems that's about the idea you're talking about, Christine. 
It just never seemed very elegant but I never had enough time to invest in finding another way of doing it.

It still may be good if a dialog of some kind was presented to the person inputting the title if they exceed a specific threshold in the title so they know to rewrite it for the mobile field.