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Has anyone experienced content going live BEFORE their publish date?

Lindy Bazner 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 10 years ago 6
Has anyone experienced content going live BEFORE their set publish date? We experienced a mess of content going live well before their intended publish date, and set off a bit of a firestorm in our newsroom. I have heard of this happening once at yet one other property, but I thought I'd ask around as I'm submitting a help ticket. It's a somewhat sketchy idea of a bug, especially considering embargoed content. We're going to attempt to test it again to recreate it.
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Can you tell us a bit more about the situation? For example, did the start date on the items change? If so, what method of posting the content are you using?

Or, are you saying that the start date had not yet been reached, but the content was still showing? If that's the case, in what context was the content showing? BLOX has internal code which specifically prevents items whose start time has not been reached from showing in blocks and searches.

How was the content corrected?
We pushed the content to Blox with (Falcon) via FTP last evening. We could confirm when it was sent last night, the start date was Aug 21, 11:00 pm. This morning it was live on our site, caught by our sports editor.

So yes, the start date had not been reached and the content was indeed showing.

We simply disabled all the stories to prevent them from showing live.
Where was it showing live on the site? Like... on the Sports Section front page?
Actually, yes! It was showing up in our new high-school sports/prepzone/hs_sports_xtra sections.
Possibly in other sports lists in the sports section too, I'll have to ask...
Is one of the examples: Focus On: Owen Baughan?

If so, do you mind if tomorrow I change the times to try to re-create the issue for just a few minutes? Then I will put it back to "no publish" again. We'll need to see it in action to be able to diagnose the problem.