Child article asset behavior in Flex

Michael Becker 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Erica Smith 8 years ago 2

I just noticed this today, but it seems like child article assets attached to another asset behave the way we used to expect sibling assets to behave in the old Zen templates.

Complicated words. Let me explain.

For example, if you add an article as a child to another, it appears in the parent article's sidebar as a content box. However, if you then visit the "child" asset, it shows a similar content box that contains the "parent."

This reciprocal linking is the same way things work when articles are related as siblings; however, the sibling display is a simple list of headline links with no rich media.

Back under Zen templates, the reciprocal links would only happen when things were related as siblings. A child/parent relationship added the child as a sidebar to the parent.

It seems like the sibling and child relationships do exactly the same things under Flex, just with different formatting. Is this by design?

Shouldn't the parent/child relationship be more of a "this asset is subordinate to this other asset" relationship, rather than "these assets are on an equal footing"?

That's the argument I've been trying to make too, but less eloquently. There seems to be a lot of confusion as what is (and can be) a child or a sibling. YouTube assets and link assets, for example, cannot be sibling assets. But there are times when the logic says they're siblings, not children, of the article asset to which they're attached. It's maddening.