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Integrate Facebook events with BLOX Calendar events

Christine Masters 11 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Ian McPhee 5 years ago 5

Allow the Calendar in BLOX to associate an event with a Facebook event. Then, you can use the FB API to pull photos to the BLOX page!

Great idea, how would BLOX and/or FB recognize the events and/or how would the BLOX admin know there are events in both spots?

I don't know if Facebook would know about the event in reverse - but if there is an asset in Facebook that is attached to the event then the templates on the site would use the client-side Facebook API to query for photos or other activity streams.

Right, the paper (or user entering the event in the user dashboard) would need to include the Facebook event ID somewhere... then our templates could suck in all of the information that FB made available in the API (like all the photos uploaded to FB).

Any developments with this? It would save me an incredible amount of time.