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Documentation for business query rules

Sam Williams 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 10 years ago 1
We are trying to use the Slideshow:Versatile block to try and pull in print-to-web ads from specific businesses in specific places on the site. We see the business query rules in the block, but can't find any documentation on how to use them. Is it based on business ID, priority, etc?
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Hi Sam!

Yes, any of the things you mention should work. They could pull in by category ('vehicle') or asset type ('pdfdisplayad') or business ID ('1320053332') or priority number ('25'). Or even a keyword ('#church_directory').

I think if you've sold a sponsorship to show all ads from a specific business, a business ID rule would be best. For that, you'll need the "business ID" of the business. One of the easiest places to find the business ID is to go to the page on the front end and look at the URL: http://www.showcase.bloxcms.com/apartments/th-st-p... The number at the end is business ID. Or you can view the page and below the description is the business ID:

Then you'd plug that into the query rule like so:

If you're trying to pull in ads that relate to a category (i.e. Sports bars show up on the Sports page) you'll want to either use a category lookup, or use keywords. The # before the keyword means that it won't show up on the page itself.