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Can any of you share ideas or something you have already implemented internally to fight against AdBlockers? Check out what the Post is doing http://wicknet.com/1Rro5cA though this would require a paywall.
That's an interesting article! I'm also interested in this as it's probably the next big problem facing online journalism. All you have to do is search for the growth of ad blockers over the past few years to find that it's skyrocketed. I think we content providers are part of the problem though, with page curls and other intrusive ads. We were having a conversation about some expandable ads our salespeople sold. While they said the advertisers love expandable ads we all agree they're pretty intrusive. So it's a fine line we have to walk between attracting advertisers while not annoying our readers.

But that's very interesting about blocking people who don't subscribe but use ad blockers.
I just logged on to post my experience with the local school district and their network wide web-filter / ad blocker and saw this.
We had just switched to Flex and several people at the school district were complaining about missing images on our site.
I made a house call to the district admin building and saw the missing content first hand. In addition to the missing photos all ads served from google dfp were gone and our online circulars showed up as broken links.
Come to find out they block wishabi.com, googleadservice,com, googlesyndication.com as well as a multitude of other ad related sevices at the network gateway.

Its seems with wishabi being partially blocked it was causing issues with the code on the site which bled over to our images.
I got them to whitelist wishabi for staff (not students) and it cleared up the issue with the missing content. (for the staff)

BTW I like the idea of offering metered or free access to ad supported sections of the site be being to turn that off if an adblocker is detected.

I can see that a comment was posted to this thread by Hutchinson, but I can't read it. Probably held for moderation?

But worth discussing again.

I still would really like to see the functionality of having ads disabled for logged-in users with active subscriptions. Turn it into a premium "members" type feature. By supporting us you don't see ads kinda thing.

That was just a spam comment and it was deleted.

Under review

We have a feature request in for an option on subscription that it would not show ads to subscribers.

In addition, something we've been discussing with lots of partners is our iQ Engage product. Using this, you can create groups of users based on their traits such as being a subscriber, being a frequent user or, alternatively, by being a drive by (one time) user.

Then, using audience targeting with iQ Engage, you can show LESS ads to your loyal users and subscribers, and show more behaviorally-targeted blocks of content instead.

A block of targeted content served to a loyal user will generate more page views, and more ad impressions, than an extra ad unit served to a one-time user.