What's the easiest way to temp disable the paywall?

Mike Stickler 11 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 10 years ago 5
We are making our site free during the current winter storm. To do so I edited the url assignments for each of the services but the process takes a little time and is prone to error when it is done and undone as a check mark missed can lock some users out of a section. 

Is there an easier way to accomplish the same thing?
I like the disabling the services option. (though it makes it hard to pick up subscribers during the event) Thanks.
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If you check "disabled" on all of the services, then your site will be 'free' and no one will see the subscription options or the paywall. Then you can remove that flag later (to re-enable the services) and not have to re-select all the URLs.

You could also remove very specific URLs (but un-selecting those, of course).

And, lastly, it is possible to remove subscription from a specific article by going to Other -> Custom Properties and adding a custom property of subscription_bypass = true. Right now that only works with hard paywalls (not metering). We're adding metering bypass options in the next week or so.
I think we are back to unchecking urls in the url assigment tab. Disabling services did not work for us as we use custom code to link between Townnews and our external e-edition vendor. Disabling the services caused this code not to work and cut off access to our e-edition. 
Hey Mike...

Those are good points! We're actually working on some ideas to make applying URL configurations easier in subscription... so I think that will help, because you'll be able to more easily apply, un-apply and re-apply configs. I think this is a few versions out so I can't give a time frame right now, but we have some things planned. =)

Seven months later and we had a local event that we wanted to cover and not put behind the paywall. This time we choose the subscription_bypass = true method. It worked on the website but not on the touch 5 site. It also appeared to add an additional advertising spot to the "bypassed" pages. This spot was located in a position that would have been appropriate had we not had TN modify our templates. Instead it was in a bad spot. 

Lesson learned... Test before you need to use a feature.