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Contest application

Christine Masters 11 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Aaron Gillette (Marketing Director, TownNews) 10 years ago 8

Create a new contest application that allows customers to create new contests such as: Best of the Region, Cute Baby Contest, Best City, etc. It could tie into the Business Directory as a great addition to that product.

Love this idea. Not so much that this tied to the business directory, as that would mean an addition subscription. But Patch, that beacon of journalism, did a bunch of "best of" series that drove a lot of business traffic.
Hey Steven, what do you mean "additional subscription"? Do you mean, for the user? Or, do you mean, that you as a customer would have to buy it? If so, yes. =)
Also, if you love the idea, please vote it up! =)
Love this idea. Contests are great for promoting interactivity on the site.
Love the idea and voted! We have tried "digitizing" this contest via ShortStack and other services, but our Reader's Choice ballot has so many options, it became quite unmanageable there. I love the idea of integrating this feature with the Business Directory! 
This sounds like it could be a decent alternative to some of the functionality seen in uPick'em. Why not go all the way and add bracket contest functionality?
I know steve has worked with you all on several baby calendar contests, cute pet calendar contest, etc. In those cases we charge like $1 a vote and the winners appear in calendars we print. So in our case we would love to see some standard contest functionality with both paid and free voting. Also agree with the thumbs down to tying this in with the business directory because we don't use your business directory ;-)
I agree with Mike... We have similiar situation for baby calendar contests, pets etc.