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Article impression count

Lonnie de Lambert 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 10 years ago 7
Will Townnews consider creating an impression count for articles that is viewable on the front end?
Would the purpose be to show your front end users how many page views an article has? Or, a count that would be visible only to admins when viewing the front end?
The purpose would be to show a front end user how many page views and article has.
When I first read Lonnie's suggestion for some reason my mind pictured a count on the editorial assets search results (in the cms) not on the front end. I don't think there is anything wrong with a hit counter on the front end even if it is a little old school. I wouldn't necessarily want it but it would be cool as an option "Make hit counts visible: All users? Admins Only?"
How about adding a story counter to the individual article asset window. There is a story counter in the calendar asset window and for classified ads. In those locations, you call them statistics.