Web services "template" docs?

A. L. Flanagan 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 9 years ago 1
The documentation for Blox-CMS web services at http://docs.townnews.com/kbpublisher/BLOX-CMS-Web-Services_6695.html lists modules that provide services, but when you add a webservice key to the site, you are able to enable a number of modules not listed in that document, including "template". Is there some other documentation for these modules as web services, or could I at least the get the API for "template"?
A web service that's not documented may as well as not exist.
And, come to find out, a URL like https://sitename-dot-com.bloxcms-ny1.com/tncms/webservice/ pulls up an on-line guide to the API. That really should be in your documentation.