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Search Editorial Assets by Keyword

Kevin M. Cox 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Landon Hemsley 9 years ago 7
Image 65I'd love to see an additional search field added into the Editorial Assets window to allow searching by Keywords.

Obviously you can use keywords in the Search Text box, but this doesn't always work well.

For example if we wanted to batch edit a keyword we've been using like "Mardi Gras 2015" we're going to run into issues. Not only will things with that keyword show up in results but so will everything else that might have that text in the story.

Having this new option would make it very easy to quickly pull up all results using the same keyword no matter which section of the site they were created under and then easily update the Keywords assigned to the assets as a batch edit.
I'd also like to see some other more advanced functionality in the search pane. For example:

Right now if I run a search and under Sections check boxes for both news and education I get all results that fall into either section. What I really need is the ability to toggle the behavior to only show me results that fall into BOTH Sections.
Hi Kevin,
I would love to see that search ability as well. But for now I just use the following to do keyword searches (using your keyword example):

tag_keyword: "Mardi Gras 2015"
Thank you for this info. It makes my life so much easier.
Awesome workaround for the first request, thanks Jason.
Under review
Kevin - you can also use that same type of query to search sections.

For example:  tag_section:news and tag_section:business

Would only show assets that are in BOTH sections.
Awesome Brad, but are things like that documented anywhere?

I still contend a way to do it in the GUI will be necessary for average users to utilize the functionality. I can't count on my copy desk to remember or reference parameters like that for example.
And a follow-up: What if I want to see assets that are ONLY in certain sections.

So in your example I only want to see results for articles that are exclusively in those two sections. If there is an article in News, Business and Sports I don't want to see it in the results.

Basically a search that says, the assets is in these but not these.