Auto-posting of weather warnings and advisories?

Casanova Nurse 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 6 years ago 7
I hope consideration can be given to the idea of displaying severe weather warnings, watches, and advisories automatically and prominently on a site's homepage.  Users of our website want immediate information on severe weather warnings, which we currently can't provide.  As one of your TV clients who switched to Blox from other CMS's, this glaring gap in breaking weather information has placed us at a huge disadvantage compared to previous CMS's and current competing websites.  Internal corporate IT folks have been trying to develop a system of severe weather postings manually, but it is not practical when dealing with warnings issued in rapid succession while juggling other severe-related live coverage needs on broadcast TV or web stream.
Hello Casanova!

We actually just finished a huge project to switch over to a new weather system which provides much better support for regional alerts and notifications.

If you're interested, I'd love to have a phone call with you to go over what we have and get your feedback, in advance of our roll out. 

Please email me at cmasters@townnews.com and we can set up a time. =)

Will this new rollout massively change the way things work in the template language now? I built in a way to use Blox's weather app to do this automatically and it'd be great to know if the UTL's going to change. 

I'd be interested in chatting with you about it if you've got time, Christine. 
Hi Mike!

The UTL changes are already available, actually. It was pretty seamless!

The main differences are that:

- We have integrated local weather alters. We just finished the dev on this and it should go to QA soon.
- It has more "high resolution" temperatures (more specific to local areas).
- There are a few more options available in the forecast and stuff like that.

We are wrapping this up now and hope it will go to QA in a few weeks.
I have this working on my site using the API Blox provides for weather. It works well, though I certainly don't have it set up for "real time."
I passed this along to my management team. I suspect this will be a desired feature.