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Kevin M. Cox 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 3 years ago 18
We would like to request the option of having a "Coupon Code" function available for new subscriptions on the website.

We envision being able to link specific codes to specific subscription services (e.g. a code would allow a discount on a 7 day print subscription but not on a weekend only).

To be fully functional, the code should include options to select either: $ off, % off or length of free trial.

This would be a huge tool for our circulation/promotions department and we imagine would be a welcome addition for other newspapers as well.

--> Why we're asking:

To give a little more background I thought it might be helpful to give a specific use case. While we see tons of potential for this feature, there is a specific promotion we're trying to develop in the next month and are having trouble seeing a way to do it with the current system.

We're planning on a new subscription marketing push for our newspaper. We'd like to offer potential subscribers a free trial subscription (either print and/or online) to the paper.

In order to make things as easy as possible we'd like them to be able to sign-up online (create a new BLOX user account) and instantly begin their online trial (get behind the paywall) without having to enter a credit card. At the end of their trial period of course we'll offer to make them a subscriber and collect their payment information.

A "coupon code" function seems like the best way to make this happen but of course we are open to suggestions if we can already pull off something similar with existing tools. For example: Is there a way to link directly to a hidden subscription service?

Please let me know what y'all think.

Hi Kevin!

This is actually on our subscription road map. Our next version of subscription offers "rule profiles" where you can create a group of URLs and assign them to services as a package (much easier!). After that, the next version is slated to have "promo pricing" for subscription.

Currently, it may be possible to sign users up for a hidden, free service. However, transitioning them to another paid service would not happen automatically.
Great to hear Christine. I'm looking forward to the URL groups, right now it is tedious when we need to change a section from in front of or behind the paywall, so many clicks!

If there is a way to direct readers to a hidden service via a URL I'd be happy to play around with it and see if it will solve our issue in the meantime.
Bumping this because I've been there... We were using custom forms (perform? proform? whatever was supported in newsys)  because our pricing structure was too complicated for the blox forms. Then we simplified the structure so I switched to blox forms. Then they wanted promo codes so we switched back and I custom coded some spaghetti that handled the promo codes. Then it was decided we didn't want either, we were going to use circpro's webtools. Hey! Whatever happened to the integration project with Mediaspan's Circpro... Last I heard it was being tested and I signed up to be a guinea pig. 
We are actively working on a Mediaspan integration... I will ask someone to contact you about it. =)
We're definitely interested in MediaSpan integration as well Christine.
Has the promo pricing feature been released yet? I'm also very interested in the ability to add codes for users to input to allow them access to a hidden subscription. I'm taking a play from Disney World's book and thinking about offering bounce-backs. For those of you who haven't been to a Disney theme park(WHY!?) that's where you get a postcard in the mail directly after your trip enticing you to "bounce-back" within the next year for a discounted rate.

Applying this to our online subscription I'd like to send people whose subscriptions have lapsed an email with a discounted rate if they bounce-back.

Was going to add this as a new topic, but found it in search. Last comment on this was two years ago.

What is the timeline to add coupon codes?

This has not been released yet, but is very close. Please Make sure to check our release notes in the coming weeks.

Any update on when to expect this?

Hi Nick,

   We have had some other emergency issues that have pushed this back a bit. It does look like development can resume on it as soon as next week. I am hoping to get this feature out by the end of July.

Any update on this feature?


This would be nice, any updates?

I don't have an concrete estimate for when this will be available. We are working on it though and I will let you all know as soon I have more to report.


Any idea how much closer this is to being released?

I would like to add to this request and ask that classifieds/AdOwl allow for a promo/coupon codes. Would be nice to track response rates of our own marketing initiatives by offering specific discounts to select audiences. i.e. Social followers allowed % off of ads. 

My publisher asked about this feature today, any time table yet for when it might be available?

Giving this another bump. This would be great to see in both subscription and classifieds/AdOwl.