Block "Update Time" Sorting Rule

Kevin M. Cox 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated 7 years ago 13

I’m looking for help sorting out block sorting rules…

We can use the standard “ASSET | Main Index | Dynamic Section & Children” block for the example here, but it applies to all asset blocks equally.

The problem we’re trying to fix is that when we update an existing article asset and check the “This update is important” box it doesn’t float the story to the top of the block. It remains buried under articles with more recent Start Times.

We should be able to fix this with the block sorting rules but have run into a wrinkle. It seems like a bug to me, but might be intended behavior.

The current sorting of our blocks is as follows:
Start date (descending)
Display priority (highest first)
Start date/time (newest first)

What I assumed would get the behavior we are after is:
Update time (newest first)
Start date/time (newest first)
Display priority (highest first)

However it appears that the “Update time” being referenced in the sort logic is the internal “Last modify time” and not the public “Updated:” time. This means that if we fix a small typo in a story it would bump the article to the top of the list even though nothing of substance was really changed.

The fix would appear to be making the “Update time” sort rule reference the “This update is important” checkbox and public display time whenever a site has the “Manually declare important updates” option enabled. The current behavior would be fine for sites without the “Manually declare important updates” option since then every internal edit results a change in the Updated: time displayed on the public site.

We basically want our block sorting to be based on the public “Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 8:13 pm | Updated: 10:09 am, Thu Apr 23, 2015” text that readers see displayed on an asset.

Please let me know if I need to elaborate more or explain in more detail.

Bumping this because it is very important to us and I would assume helpful to others as well.
Under review
When an article is first posted, the last update time is it's start time. If you enable 'important updates' - the search index's last update time will only be modified if the update is marked as important after the first start time of the asset.
Patrick, unfortunately that is not the behavior we are seeing in operation. You can take a look on our site at: www.galvnews.com/test

Any update to an article floats it to the top of the list even if “Important Update” was NOT checked and even though it retains a “Posted:” date years in the past.

Hey Kevin - I talked with the dev team here and can confirm the behavior you are seeing. Looking back at the feature request - the issue of whether or not important update would have a bearing on the index's modification time was brought up but not addressed at that time. The admin interface also uses that column for showing things there were recently updated - if it was changed solely to important update - it would change the meaning of the admin's view. In order to facilitate this, we would need to make last updated on the frontend use a different index field - we'll look into possibly offering that - but I can't promise an ETA just yet on that.
Patrick, thanks, I agree messing up the sorting/view in the admin interface would not be good.

Hopefully y'all can offer the ability to sort this way. It would very helpful for us and I'm surprised no one else has requested it before.
Hey Patrick,

I just wanted to see if there was any progress here. Every time we have a big developing news story or major weather event we run into the issue that could be solved by this new sort rule.

Hey Kevin,

I've got a feature request in to build it - TNCMS-4089: Sort block by last important update - but it has not yet been roadmapped for release. Our next roadmap meeting is actually next week so I'll make sure we review this one for planning.

Since we're talking about "Update time" displaying in that other thread I wanted to bump this back up.

Was this ever implemented? I haven't seen it in Zen, but I'm hoping it exists in Flex already.


Hey Kevin, this is a software request, rather than a front-end template feature, so it would not be different between Zen and Flex.

We do have some feedback from dev that this looks like it is something we can do, so I've increased the priority of this. Thanks! =)