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Bulk photo upload in the user dashboard

Christine Masters 11 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Erica Smith 8 years ago 8

Allow users to upload multiple photos at once via the BLOX user dashboard.

A good idea; I notice that Dropbox is an option now in the interface, is this a possibility utilizing Dropbox and multiple photos?

We could look at Dropbox as well.. this is on the front end so we don't have access to the same libraries as the admin. But, after a quick look, it seems Dropbox does have a client-side API, so it might work:


I can add this to the feature request, however, I am going to consider the Dropbox implementation to be icing on the cake if the dev can do it easily. =)

And allow fuller setup. Assign category, keywords and such before they're I'll add. Essentially save a step or two .

I'd really, really like this. I notice it's been "under review" for three years. Any chance it's going to happen?

Batch upload, right?


No. This is not available in the user dashboard. It's available in TCMS and CMS, but not for user-submitted content.