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Support for USER ID tracking in Goggle analytics

Mike Stickler 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Doug Hardy 9 years ago 7
Google analytics supports the use of a non-personally indentifiable indentifier to be sent from sites that support logins. When this is done it does a better job of tracking unique users and allows sessions to be stitched across browsers and platforms (user 8675309 pulled up this article on his phone and then 3 minutes later he continued his session on a pc). 

More information is here:
and here

There's more to it than just changing the Google javascript. ToS would need to change and the ability to Opt out would need to be added to user's self service pages.  
Hi Mike - I'm handling ad serving as on a consultancy basis for a Blox client publisher with a paywall, and we've been asked for a way to track user login activity. But I'm not a web developer and the info at the links above isn't really clear to me so I'm looking for some help.

TownNews told our client they don't provide analytics on logins and such. There's probably a relatively vague way to glean the information from Google Analytics but I'm interested in finding a way to track and report on the number of times users log in and access news behind the wall, their pageviews etc - the standard data GA offers.

The publisher would be happy to change ToS, I'm sure.

Do you have a few minutes to either point me in the right direction or maybe help us out for an hour or two setting up this capability?

Thanks in advance.

Townnews wasn't offering any direct support of this at the time of my post and my client wasn't prepared to develop something custom so I didn't pursue it. I just revisited the links I posted and it appears google has made their part easier to implement. I may see what I can do on my dev site.
That would be great - are you thinking soon or no? I could use some help in the near future but if you're thinking of developing something significant I don't have the budget for that. A can afford a few hours work. Just let me know if it's doable and I can get you going.
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Hi Doug,
We do have a new feature that logs logged in user activity for the purpose of providing raw log data to AAM for their auditing pruposes. From what you are saying this may serve your purposes. Here is the link to the document describing it.

Hi Rich - thanks for this. I looked through the client's Blox settings and didn't see the option to enable the AAM - can you fill me in a bit on how it can be added and what the cost may be? I would also like to see examples of the data it produces before any decisions are made, if possible. I know it's a new product.
Hi Doug,

The AAM tracking feature is included with our Subscription Pro Product. Please submit a ticket to our Customer support team and they can point you in the right direction, whether it be turning on the AAM tracking or directing your client to the appropriate sales representative.
I'm all set for now - thanks guys for your help. I just have to figure out ftp access to the client's site to download the data... which isn't ideal, but it's something