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Influx of iPhone 6/iPad(newer models) not being able to view any articles past the headline?

Nick 9 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Christine Masters 9 years ago 4
I've been having multiple subscribers over the past few weeks who can't view anything beyond the headlines on article pages. I've narrowed the issue down to people with iPhone 6s and iPads(the newer versions). I've submitted a ticket but TN tech support can't help me because they say it's an Apple issue, not a BLOX issue and they can't replicate it on their devices.

And this isn't user error because I've seen the issue in person. It happens on the mobile version and the desktop version(when viewed on the phone/tablet). All of them are using Safari and running iOS 8.4.
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Hi there!

I would bet that these users are in "private" browsing mode in Safari. In fact, one of the screenshots in your ticket looks like it is showing the dark grey browser chrome (address bar) that is indicative of private browsing mode.


Private browsing mode blocks local storage options, which are needed by metering. We have some plans to make this a better user experience though, for example putting up a message saying that they need to turn off private browsing.

Worked like a charm! But now that we've got that working the stories on my desktop site don't have body. I assume development is playing around with the site trying to figure out the iOS issue.
We run into this issue quite often with customers. It's often the first question I ask people when I get on the phone with them. "Are you, by any chance, browsing in any sort of private browsing or incognito mode?"
We're vetting our options right now with private browsing mode from Safari. It is different than Google Chrome's Incognito mode... Incognito mode accepts cookies and everything else, but just dumps it at the end of the session. In Safari, some options (like, I believe, local storage) are not available.

My thoughts right now is that we would try to see if we can make Safari work with private browsing mode. I think we use it to track whether or not you've read this article before (if so, it doesn't count toward your meter). But, if Safari doesn't accept this, then you should still get the story, but you would just also get your meter incremented. It would be one of the downsides of private browsing mode.

I think though that the industry trend is to make private browsing mode truly private - in the sense that there is no way for site to know if it was being used. Because of that, there is no good way for us to put up a message saying that we've detected you're in private browsing mode, please turn it on, etc. (Note that there IS a way with Safari right now - but we assume they will likely fix that in the future.)