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Universal Analytics Upgrade (GA)

Mike DellaVecchia 10 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Mike Stickler 10 years ago 3
Apparently Google is now offering improved analytics via a "Universal Analytics Upgrade" however the upgrade will require some tracking code changes.  Here is a link to some detailed info on what is to gain and what changes are involved.  https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/upgrade/?hl=en_US Since Town News pretty much controls the GA tracking snippet for us, was wondering what, if any, changes are on the horizon to accommodate the new analtyics.js snippet over the current ga.js.  Might you have an ETA as well?

Google says you can go thru the upgrade process in GA and continue to get your stats as normal, however, the benefits of the Universal upgrade won't be seen until the tracking code is updated.  I'd be willing to beta if you need a volunteer.

Hi Mike,

It looks like we have to change/add some code for this... we're looking at it to make sure it doesn't have any unknown side effects. I'll let you know...
One of the three papers I have on blox is using the Universal Upgrade... I have template certification so I added the code to the headers. I did have an issue with things being double reported for a while because I still had the I'd for google analytics in the Townnews Analytics setup. 

Also based on where I added the code I don't think it would be included in touch 5 ... which isn't an issue with this particular site.