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Apple News Format

Kevin M. Cox 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Robert Armstrong 5 years ago 8

Apple is finally opening up ANF to everyone. We've been pushing an RSS feed to Apple News for a while now, but publishing in ANF will over a more robust experience to readers.

Information on integrating the format here: Use a CMS with News Publisher

Any thoughts on getting BLOX to push out in ANF? There are already WordPress and Drupal plugins available.

Under review

Hi Kevin!

We are looking at this, but I don't have an ETA yet. We do have Facebook Instant Articles feed (we're going to beta test it with a few publishers) and are working on Google AMP.

I'm interested in the ANF question as well, we had been pushing the RSS feed from the beginning.

Hi guys!

A few questions that will help me prioritize this internally:

How has the Apple News stuff been in terms of traffic?

Also, are you using Google Newsstand yet? And if so, how do they compare?

Lastly, if we proceed with this, would you be interested in beta testing?



Traffic is hard to tell, Apple only provides Analytics for channels publishing in ANF, so RSS feeds like we all have don't get stats. I'm sure there is a way to fish this out of Google Analytics, but nothing I just tried quickly worked.

We have not tried Google Newstand yet.

We'd be happy to beta test, but we are on a Zen site for our daily paper. Our two monthly papers are launching on Flex next month.

We haven't done Newsstand either. Same answer on the analytics as what Kevin gave, too.

Just personally for me, I'd put the Google AMP stuff we've talked about separately as no. 1, Apple below that and Google Newsstand not so much.

We would beta test.

Hi Rob!

That's pretty much where we are now - Google AMP first, and we are still evaluating ANF.

We do already have a specialized Google Newsstand feed though (it's a special RSS feed), so if your are interested in that, let me know. We have a few customers using it and they feel that it it does not detract from their website users or their own native app users.


Hate to bring a post back to life but we've been using the Apple News RSS for a while on our website and results are mixed. For some reason our RSS entries don't come in with any rhyme or reason. We'll have a couple of stories publish each day, but never a full listing. The RSS Feed is active, running and parsing news...just not to Apple.

I've been considering moving to the ANF as that seems to be what Apple is really pushing. With that in mind I'd hate to migrate to ANF and TownNews announce next week that they have implemented a function within the CMS to broadcast to Apple News via RSS.

Are you all looking more in the direction of using the ANF format or the older style that deals with RSS/ATOM?




Bringing this back up. We're interested in connecting our site to Apple News, but it appears that they have now forced out RSS connection with new accounts. Is there any update on connecting the ANF API to BLOX? As of right now, we can't publish on the platform.