Question: Changing section name

Maunette Loeks 8 years ago in BLOX CMS updated by Nick 8 years ago 2

Just a question ... If I change the name of a section in the back end of Blox, will it wipe out all the content that was there.

Example: We have a section called "Entertainment." We are thinking "Features" would be more accurate and we could shuffle a couple of other things underneath it. Its been my experience in the past that changing the name wipes it out... Is this still the case.

In my experience no, the content would "move along" with the rename. However most of the renames I've needed to do the system wouldn't let me because there was to much content in them.

I was forced to do a painful batch move from the old to the new section, 25 items at a time...

That's been my experience too. 25 items at a time. Click next tab. Next 25 items. Next tab. etc.

You just have to make sure your blocks' query rules are set up to pull the new section tag.